Services We Provide

LEED Analysis, Management, and Services for those looking
to achieve certification. We provide Initial Consultation, Gap
ASHRAE Audits,  IEQ credit management, as well as
complete & continuous project management for LEED-EBOM.

Our SpeedLEED (tm) program is designed to give you a Gap
Assesment and Roadmap in a single day!

Compliance Services for companies looking comply with
regulations like
AB-802, LA's EBEWE, CalGreen, or to achieve
Energy Star Certification (rating). We provide Initial
Consultation, Document Development and  Account setup,
Application and Submission management, and Certification

Energy Efficiency Consulting and Employee Training. We
provide not just investigative reports and savings opportunity
identification on your facility's energy use, but also provide training
to help your company meet environmental requirements and
become self sufficient in saving both energy and the environment.

Capital Improvement Budgeting and Project Management. If
your looking to improve your facility through ongoing retrofits and
replacement projects, we can help you identify, strategically plan,
budget, bid, peer review, and manage those projects.

Whether it's Office Buildings, Manufacturing Plants, Large
Community Residential, Health Care, or Retail Facilities, we
provide the levels and types of service designed for your specific
needs and financial goals.
If you have any questions regarding:

  • AB-802 Compliance
  • LEED Services and Certification
  • ASHRAE Audits and Compliance
  • Energy Star Certification
  • Building Commissioning
  • O & M Training and Assessments
  • Efficiency Consulting
  • Energy Analysis
  • Retrofit Advice

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